Coming from a small town you kind of forget that there are other kids out there like you who enjoy being involved in their school and community, are extremely outgoing, and just as fun and crazy as you are. Then you get to NLS and there are over 100 kids and tons of staff who are just ready for a life changing experience of a week. I can say for myself once you leave, you are changed and there is no changing back. The friendships you make are friendships that will last for a lifetime.

~Casey Steiner

There are leadership seminars and then there is NLS. The people you meet while learning and growing during the four day seminar become more than friends, they become an extended family. I had an amazing experience while at the seminar and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

~Heather Leapley

For me seminar was a life changing event. It gave me the strength and courage to stand up for things, and try to reach my full potential. It was so great being around other people and not having to worry about partying or drugs, just having fun, the clean way. I’m forever thankful for the confidence NLS gave me and the constant support system from everyone involved. I can honestly say it was one of the greatest moments in my life

~Taylor Burke

 I was really nervous to go to NLS but once I got there it was a great experience. It was unlike any of the other leadership seminars that I previously attended. All of the people at the seminars are really cool and just turn in to really good lifelong friends.

~Cole Scheer

NLS is not just about learning what leadership is. NLS focuses on using your own skills and talents in order to be able to more effectively influence those around you. NLS also emphasizes the importance of service through leadership, a trait that can easily be forgotten in the “glamour” of being a leader. NLS is about forming relationships and strengthening yourself as a person. NLS changed my outlook on everything, and as a result I look for the ways I can use my gifts and abilities to be able to serve others in my community. Talk about life-changing!

~Rees Klintworth

NLS is something that I consider myself blessed to be a part of. Besides learning and expanding your leadership skills, you grow and expand as a person as well. It is so much more than a four day experience, it’s the beginning of a lifetime of friendship with people I can’t even imagine not being in my life.

~Jordan Holzfaster