You’ve never experienced anything like the Nebraska Leadership Seminar before.

Approximately 150 high school sophomore students from across the state come together on a Nebraska college campus for four-days to be challenged, empowered, and inspired.

Founded in 1978, Nebraska Leadership Seminar, Inc. (NLS) is a nonprofit organization focused upon helping you recognize your leadership strengths through our partnership with the Gallup Organization. We will challenge, empower and inspire you to become the leaders Nebraska needs. The 2018 Seminar dates and location are currently being finalized. Our last several seminars have typically been in the first few weeks of June, at Midland University in Fremont.

Download the forms for seminar:
(Or you can register online; we’ll email the forms to you!)
Want to Go?

Talk to your guidance counselor about representing your school at NLS. If your counselor doesn’t have any information, contact Allison Sperry at She’ll make sure your guidance counselor gets the info they need to get you registered.