“If there is any way you can go, go! This experience is phenomenal, and no matter what sacrifices you have to make to get there, get there. This experience is beyond any monetary value.”

“When you find yourself with an opportunity like this, your experience is going to be so much better if you get outside your comfort zone and allow yourself to be vulnerable.  You will get what you put in, and what you get out of an amazing experience like this is absolutely worth getting outside your comfort zone.”

“Thank you for everything! It changed my life.”


You’ve never experienced anything like the Nebraska Leadership Seminar before.

Approximately 150 high school sophomore students from across the state come together on a Nebraska college campus for four-days to be challenged, empowered, and inspired.

Founded in 1978, Nebraska Leadership Seminar, Inc. (NLS) is a nonprofit organization focused upon helping you recognize your leadership strengths through our partnership with the Gallup Organization. We will challenge, empower and inspire you to become the leaders Nebraska needs. The 2019 Seminar will be held June 13-16 at Southeast Community College campus in Milford, NE.

What makes NLS different?

  • NLS, from the Corporate Board, Alumni Association and Seminar staff, is composed entirely of volunteers. The dedication and passion of these individuals provides future Nebraska leaders with knowledge of themselves, their strengths and what they can do to impact their communities.
  • Students get a true on-campus experience as they live in the dorms of a higher education institution.
  • NLS’s curriculum is based on the discovery, development, and application of a student’s leadership skills, making them more self-assured and confident in their leadership abilities.
  • NLS supports your students even after the seminar is over by offering reunions to hone in on their developing skills and further promote the networking established during the seminar.
  • Students who have had the honor of participating in this once-in-a-lifetime experience have demonstrated a heightened interest in leading school organizations and are more involved in their community, inspiring them to make a difference.
Download the forms for seminar (2019 forms coming soon):
(Or you can register online; we’ll email the forms to you!)


Want to Go?

Talk to your guidance counselor about representing your school at NLS. If your counselor doesn’t have any information, contact Allison Sperry at She’ll make sure your guidance counselor gets the info they need to get you registered.