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Corporate Board

Corporate Board is the governing body of NLS. They meet every other month.

Ryan Behrns

Corporate Board President

Hello there NLS,

I’m Ryan Behrns and I’m currently serving as President of the NLS Corporate Board. I’m originally from Louisville, NE and attended seminar in Milford in 2004. I attended UNL majoring in finance and now work in commodity risk management in Omaha. My wife and I welcomed our first child, Sam, in December and he is officially the first seminar recruit for 2035. Sam keeps us pretty busy, but I still enjoy getting time to read, run, and spend time with friends.

I’ve been fortunate to serve NLS in a variety of roles through the years on Exec Council, Seminar staff, and as a Corporate Board member. I’ve met so many wonderful people through NLS over the years and can’t drive through many small towns in Nebraska without thinking of alums that grew up there. It has been such a pleasure to be a part of the personal growth and development of our alumni. Witnessing personal growth firsthand and being a part of that self-discovery has been what has brought me back for years. Our delegates, alumni, and volunteers have infectious energy, passion, and dedication which gives me hope for a bright future for our organization.  

Alex Wessels

Corporate Board Vice President

Hello NLS!!!


This is Alex Wessels, your VP of NLS! I attended my first seminar as a delegate back in 2009 at Doane. I am originally from Weeping Water, Nebraska but currently live in Bellevue with my wife and dog. I went to Peru State College for my undergrad majoring in Business Management, Marketing, and Computer Management Information Systems. I also attended Midland University where I obtained my MBA. I work at First National Bank of Omaha in the IT department as a Business Analyst. I love everyone that I have had the opportunity to meet through my eleven years in the organization! NLS fundamentally changed my life all of those years ago and I love being able to now be part of that change for others. I look forward to continuing to serve all of our future leaders in our wonderful state! 

Haley Fischman

Corporate Board Secretary

Hello, NLS!


I'm Haley Fischman, Secretary of the NLS Corporate Board and member of the 2020 Seminar Planning Committee. I was born and raised in Lincoln, NE and earned my Bachelor's degree in English as well as my Master's degree in Educational Administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Currently I work at Nebraska Wesleyan University as the Assistant Director of Career Development in the Career Center, working with college students to help them discover and apply their interests, skills, values, and goals towards a future career. 


I joined the Corporate Board in September 2019, and have enjoyed getting to know other board members, exec members, and NLS alumni. I haven't yet attended a seminar but am so excited to be part of the June 2020 seminar and meet all of the 2020 delegates and more alumni! I had the opportunity to attend the Winter 2020 reunion, and immediately I could sense the strength of the NLS community and the love and support NLS alums have for one another. NLS is such an accepting community, and I'm so thrilled I found this organization. 

Tracy Manning

Corporate Board Member | Seminar Chair

Hello, my dears and my lovelies!

I’m Tracy (Sudbeck) Manning. I graduated from Hartington Cedar Catholic in 2005. I am currently in my fourth-year teaching freshmen Physical Science and sophomore Biology at Benson High School in Omaha, NE. Go Bunnies!

I got involved with NLS by attending a one-day SLATE workshop in November of 2002 (Service, Leading, and Teamwork Education). This made me honorary alumni, and some friends drug me along to an NLS reunion that spring. From then on, I was hooked! NLS gave me a place where I could truly be myself. I was the Norfolk Club president, and I held various exec council positions such as special events coordinator, fundraising chair, and for a short while I was president, until I succumbed to the pressures of attending college out of state. I currently am a member of our corporate board, and I am so excited to be the Curriculum Chair for 2020!

I believe NLS is different from other leadership organizations for several reasons. One is our continuing education and professional development opportunities. Our quarterly reunions offer ways to try our hand at many different types of community service projects. We also integrate leadership, teambuilding, and networking activities at reunions. Another reason NLS is different is our emphasis on finding one’s authentic self. This is done through the Gallup’s Strength Finder assessment. We find out what our “superpowers” are and work to maximize our potential. We also practice the “Theory of the Dipper and the Bucket;” we celebrate each person’s unique talents, skills, abilities, and individuality every step of the way through seminar and beyond. Lastly, we emphasize involvement in communities of purpose. Our alumni have created and/or grown organizations to new heights, largely due to what they had learned at seminar.

I can safely say that I would not be who I am today if I had not gotten involved in NLS. I am forever grateful that I had the chance to find my true self at just the right time in my life.

NLS is not just a workshop; NLS is an open door.

Allison Sperry

Corporate Board Member | Recruitment Director

Hey, Scary Sperry here!  My formal name is Allison Sperry, but most people of NLS call me Alli or Sperry.  I'm currently living in Omaha, NE, and I am a Histology Technical Coordinator at Methodist Hospital.  I did my undergrad at Doane College where I played softball.  I was part of the first team to ever make a regionals.  I did my Masters of Healthcare Administration at Bellevue University. 

I became involved with NLS in 2006 as a Senior Counselor.  I had just graduated college and not yet hired at my first job.  I was asked to be a counselor and told it would look impressive on my job applications.  I arrived at staff training the night before seminar started and seriously thought I lost my mind.  Needless to say, I fell in love and haven't missed a seminar since I first staffed.

I stay involved in NLS because I love being given a dose of hope for the future.  I love watching young minds explore their potential and feel empowered.  I also find myself learning something new with each activity, speaker, and reflection.  I am thankful NLS uses the Strengths Finder, because I have used my strengths as talking points in cover letters and interviews.  It also helps me find ways to keep motivated professionally. 


I hope everyone sees NLS as the blessing that I do.  I'm very thankful to Buck who brought me in those 15 seminars ago. 

Chevelle Behrns

Corporate Board Member

Hey NLS!

My name is Chevelle Behrns, yes, I was named after the car. I have been an NLS Corporate Board Member since 2018. I am originally from Weeping Water, NE but I currently reside in Omaha with my husband, Ryan, and our son, Sam, who was just born in December of 2019. I have decided to stay home with Sam and run my small floral business from our house in Dundee.


I say that I “married into NLS” because I was not lucky enough to be a delegate in high school. My husband was a delegate and is still on the board, so I’ve been able to witness the impact it’s had on him. I attended my first seminar in 2019 as a Senior Counselor which was a life changing experience. NLS is important to me because I enjoy impacting youth and giving them tools to make impacts into their own communities. All the people I have met in NLS have become close friends. I am thankful for the opportunity to continue to be a part of NLS in more meaningful and special ways.

Rees Klintworth

Corporate Board Member

Hello! My name is Rees Klintworth, and I’m a member of the board of directors for NLS. I attended seminar in 2010 and have been hooked ever since. Originally from Seward, I graduated from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln in 2016 with a degree in Computer Engineering. While in college I began an internship with Hudl in Lincoln, and stayed on full-time after earning my degree. I’m currently a senior software engineer with the company, working a few thousand miles from home in Sydney, Australia with our team down under. In my spare time you can find me searching for a ski slope, taking a photo, testing out a new way to make coffee, or reviewing sneakers.


NLS was an organization that I immediately connected with as a sophomore in high school. It has given me some of my closest friends, and also challenged and pushed me to become a better person and leader. Through NLS I’ve learned how to understand and use my personal strengths in a way that can positively impact those around me.

Nick Andrews

Corporate Board Member

Hello there NLS.  My name is Nicholas Andrews.  I'm originally from Wymore, NE, and now live in Lincoln.  I am a graduate of Creighton University.  I am the Owner and Director of MAGIS Residential Services, a community based service provider for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities.  I enjoy traveling, reading, learning, and jamming out to Garth Brooks in my car.


I am returning to NLS after a 5 year break.  I originally attended Seminar in 2001.  Over the years I served in a number of different roles including; Executive Council, JC, SC, and Corporate Board.


NLS played a significant role in my life and personal growth.  Over the years it taught me a lot about leadership, but more importantly, it helped me learn more about myself.  My favorite thing about NLS is watching the journey Delegates go on during Seminar.  My favorite thing about staying involved is the relationships that you are able to create.

Glenn Manning

Corporate Board Member

Hi, NLS!


I’m Glenn Manning, from Wichita, Kansas. I currently live in Omaha and work for Union Pacific Railroad as a Senior Project Engineer. In my free time I enjoy cooking, taking photos and videos with drones, and scuba diving when I can.


I enjoy being part of the NLS Corporate Board because NLS has a way of creating really tight, long lasting friendships in just a few short days. I never see people connect like they do at NLS!

AJ Benker

Corporate Board Member

Greetings NLS!

I’m Andrew Benker, a new member of the NLS Leadership this year.  I joined after seeing how energized the students were after returning from their summer seminar. 

I grew up in Lincoln Nebraska, and completed my bachelors in Astrophysics from UNL as well as a Masters in Science Education.  I have been teaching high school sciences for nine years.  My time outside the classroom is spent reading science fiction, playing board games with old friends, and learning new skills like sailing or scuba.

I look forward to being involved in an organization dedicated to strengthening our students grasp of their authentic selves.

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