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The Seminar

You’ve never experienced anything like the Nebraska Leadership Seminar before.

Approximately 150 high school sophomore students from across the state come together on a Nebraska college campus for four-days to be challenged, empowered, and inspired.​

What makes NLS Different?

  • The dedication and passion of the NLS volunteers provides future Nebraska leaders with knowledge of themselves, their strengths and what they can do to impact their communities.

  • Students get a true on-campus experience as they live in the dorms of a higher education institution.

  • NLS’s curriculum is based on the discovery, development, and application of a student’s leadership skills, making them more self-assured and confident in their leadership abilities.

  • NLS supports your students even after the seminar is over by offering reunions to hone in on their developing skills and further promote the networking established during the seminar.

  • Students who have had the honor of participating in this once-in-a-lifetime experience have demonstrated a heightened interest in leading school organizations and are more involved in their community, inspiring them to make a difference.

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